Faces Of Change 2

FOC2 coverFaces of Change 2 provides a framework to assist and empower you with skills and disciplines that will prepare you for a lifetime of success. This book is a wonderful resource to help prepare you for a bright future. Each unit is filled with nuggets of information that will provoke you to use critical thinking when confronting obstacles in life that could possibly prevent you from reaching your dreams!

There are countless books that help plan for life. However, Faces of Change 2 is different because it provides a road map for you to strategically chart your course for achieving success. Each unit provides relevant real-world situations with practical methods for addressing them. You are guided to use the unlimited power within you to become a person ready and prepared to take your rightful place in this world.

Adults make assumptions regarding the needs of youth.  Some of these assumptions have left a portion of youth without the proper instructions to be prepared for life.

Faces of Change 2 is different because it empowers youth by providing a road map to strategically chart a course for achieving success using critical thinking skills to confront obstacles.  The workbook provides a framework for the CONVERSATION:

* What can you do to give your child a competitive advantage?

* Do you worry about whether or not your child will become a successful adult

* Is it time for your child to go to college, but s/he is not ready?

* Does your child constantly make poor decisions?

* Are you looking for resources to support the youth in your life?

Authors' Words

As we travel throughout the country conducting our workshops and presentations, we ask youth this question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  All too often this question is answered by a shrug of the shoulders, indicating they have no idea what they want to do with their lives. When we do get a verbal response, it is mostly the canned answers of doctor, lawyer, professional athlete, or another occupation that is not well thought out.  These are the sorts of responses that youth think we, as adults, want to hear.

Our inspiration for writing this book is simple – we want to make a difference in the lives of youth by empowering them with what they need to be successful.  We want to help them begin to figure out who they are, what it is that they want to do with their lives, and how to go about doing it.  This book, Faces of Change 2, will help youth take a serious inventory of their lives and help them begin to plan for successful futures by developing their talents, interests, and abilities.

Tony L. Owens                                                                                                     Reginald B. Beaty

William Sedlacek

“I see publication after publication designed to help students that are either too theoretical to assist most users or that ignore research and are unprofessional.  Beaty and Owens have taken the eight non-cognitive variables that I and others have studied over the years and designed some useful assessments and examples that demonstrate how one can work with each variable to achieve academic and life success.  In their instructional guide, Beaty and Owens manage to accomplish what most authors cannot: Good practical advice based on research and theory.”

Dr. William Sedlacek, Author – Beyond the Big Test, Professor Emeritus the University of Maryland, College Park

How to Use

All of the activities are designed for you to read and to discuss with a caring adult. In many of the units both of you will be asked to complete an activity and then discuss your responses. These are opportunities for quality dialogue to support you in acquiring the identified skills. Each unit consists of a short OVERVIEW that tells you what the unit is about. Following the overview, you will see the NONCOGNITIVE VARIABLE(S) the unit addresses. Following the noncognitive variable(s), is the LESSON for each unit presented in an interesting manner. After the lesson, you are provided FOOD FOR THOUGHT in the form of an inspirational quote and/or poem which provides you with an opportunity to think deeper about the lesson. The WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW section provides you with the central ideas that you should understand after engaging in the lesson. Finally, the unit ends with an ACTIVITY that allows you to apply your new-found knowledge. Each of these areas provides rich opportunities for you to have a conversation with your caring adult about your thoughts and ideas. After completing all of the lessons you will have developed a road-map to achieve the goals that will lead to your success.

Caring Adult,

Congratulations! As a parent, grandparent, godparent, coach, mentor, or other caring adult, you have taken an important step to ensure that the young person in your life is a success by purchasing this book. As you work through each lesson with the young person or persons who are the recipients of this gift, you will probably experience a change in the way that you feel about success. You will not only be supporting young people, but this book will also have a positive impact on you regardless of your age.

Young Person,

Congratulations! Someone in your life cares about your success. They have not only acquired this valuable resource, but in securing this book they have also pledged to work with you as you systematically develop skills that you will need to be successful. These are the skills that you will need not only as a student, but in all endeavors of your life. If your dream is to be an award-winning entertainer, a world class athlete or the next president of the United States you will need to plan deliberately. This book, along with the support from a caring adult in your life, provides you with the road-map you will need on your path to success. The information in the book is directed towards you.

Enjoy your journey!


When confronted with the fallout of childhood trauma, why do some children adapt and overcome, while others bear lifelong scars that flatten their potential? A growing body of evidence points to one common answer: Every child who winds up doing well has had at least one stable and committed rela­tionship with a supportive adult.

We provide professional development to train caring adults how to use Faces of Change while counseling, advising, or serving as an advocate.

Youth sessions:

  • Targeted Focus Groups
  • Large Groups
  • Behavior Intervention Groups

Self-Directed Learning to:

Help youth connect the impact, value and purpose of a good education on their overall success in life

Help youth understand the impact of a good education in preparing for the global market place

Give youth a process to develop a plan for life and provide answers to who, what, when, why, and how to succeed

Equip youth with critical thinking skills that lead to good decision making

Help youth to claim and understand what they want to accomplish in life

Acquire 8 Non-Cognitive Variable to Success (Beyond the Big Test):

Positive Self-Concept

Realistic Self-Appraisal

Understands and Knows How to Navigate Systems

Prefers Long-Range to Short-Term or Immediate Needs

Availability of Strong Support Person

Successful Leadership Experience

Demonstrate Community Service

Nontraditional Knowledge