Faces of Change

The Faces of Change course provides a framework to assist and empower participants with the skills and disciplines that will help them set and achieve their goals. Each module is filled with great information that will provoke participants to use critical thinking when confronting obstacles in life that could possibly delay or hinder them from reaching their goals.

This course is different because it provides a road map for participants to strategically chart their course for achieving success. Each unit provides relevant real-world situations with practical methods for addressing them. Participants are guided to use their unlimited power within to become a person ready and prepared to take their rightful place in this world.

Faces of Change is SEL instruction in which participants learn to process, integrate, and selectively apply SEL skills in developmentally, contextually and culturally appropriate ways in conjunction with a safe, caring, participatory and responsive school climate can result in positive outcomes including:

– promotion of mental wellness;

– prevention of mental health issues;

– school connectedness;

– reduction in student absenteeism;

– reduction in suspensions;

– adoption, implementation and institutionalization of new practices; and

– improved academic outcomes.

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William Sedlacek

“I see publication after publication designed to help students that are either too theoretical to assist most users or that ignore research and are unprofessional.  Beaty and Owens have taken the eight non-cognitive variables that I and others have studied over the years and designed some useful assessments and examples that demonstrate how one can work with each variable to achieve academic and life success.  In their instructional guide, Beaty and Owens manage to accomplish what most authors cannot: Good practical advice based on research and theory.”

Dr. William Sedlacek, Author – Beyond the Big Test, Professor Emeritus the University of Maryland, College Park