Is Culture & Climate as important as Curriculum & Instruction

A common challenge is the misplaced focus of resources when educators (administrators/teachers) are too busy dealing with a disruptive school.  Although schools did not create these issues, it is practically impossible to create a healthy learning environment of teaching and learning with a time-consuming, low performing school culture and climate.  It does not take long to realize there are real challenges in these schools that must be addressed.

Key Facts

Improvement plans must include improving culture & climate

Success is related to understanding the role of culture & climate

Students who feel safe and encouraged have high success rates

Changes in structures and processes is a formula for student success

Positive school climate = Positive youth development

Our Goals . . .

Motivate staff to embrace change

Strengthen the connections between adults and students

Improve student and staff attendance, behavior and morale

Produce efficient learning environments

Increase awareness of the importance of school culture & climate