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Culture and Climate is our Business

The success of our youth is built on the foundation of nurturing environments, both within the household and the educational system.

Academic excellence

Promote a culture of continuous learning and achievement. By setting high standards and encouraging an environment of support and success, students can reach their maximum potential.

For Staff + Students

Collaboration is key. By fostering strong relationships between educators and students, we create a cohesive, supportive community where everyone has a voice and a role in shaping the future.

Only at Foundation for Educational Success

Discover the transformative programs and initiatives that make our foundation a beacon of hope for countless youths. Our commitment to excellence and empowerment sets us apart in making a tangible difference.

Get students turned onto living so they can get turned onto learning.

  • Creating a High Performing Culture and Climate

Face of Change

Who am I?

Where am I going ? 

How will I get there?

Asset Mindset Development

Our programs cultivate positive school environments by enhancing student behavior and fostering personal growth.

Thug Life to Triumphant Life

Reggie’s transformative journey from poverty and criminal engagements to a successful life, illustrating the pivotal role education and mentorship played in redirecting his path.

"Focus on what goes on at home!”

Karen Mapp PhD, Harvard University

Parent Tool

Enhance your child's performance by taking on the role of being the first teacher in their life.

FFES Team with Youth

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Frequently Ask Questions

 The core mission of the Foundation for Educational Success (FFES) is to revolutionize the educational landscape by bridging the communication gap between adults and youth. Through its initiatives, FFES aims to create a nurturing environment conducive to learning and personal growth, thereby enabling young individuals to plan and work towards a successful future.

The visionary leaders behind FFES are Reginald Beaty and Tony Owens. Their collective expertise and commitment drive the foundation's mission to transform education and foster a positive, lasting impact on the lives of young individuals and the communities supporting them.

FES offers a plethora of programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of its audience. Notable programs include "Faces of Change" and "Thug Life to Triumphant Life," each designed to empower individuals to overcome challenges and work towards academic and personal success. These programs encapsulate practical strategies, critical thinking, and self-discovery, ensuring a holistic approach to education and personal development.

FFES adopts a deliberate and intentional approach towards creating a High Performing Culture and Climate in educational settings. This approach incorporates six key components aimed at addressing the root causes of school disruption, thus creating a conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning. By fostering a safe and healthy learning environment, FFES aims to enhance the quality of school life for all stakeholders—students, staff, teachers, and parents—thereby meeting essential learning goals and accelerating efforts towards achieving school success.

You can explore and participate in FFES's programs by visiting our website, social media platforms, attending workshops, or reaching out to us directly.