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Since 1998

Since its establishment in 1998, the Foundation for Educational Success (FFES) has been dedicated to revolutionizing education. Engaging in numerous endeavors such as conducting workshops, delivering keynote presentations across North America, and creating resources, the aim has been to support mentors, parents, children, educators, and youth-serving agencies. The focus is on enhancing communication, addressing cultural barriers, and fostering strong relationships between adults and youth, with the ultimate goal of positively impacting education and the lives of young individuals.

Our Mission

The mission at the Foundation for Educational Success (FFES) is to revolutionize education, instilling hope in young individuals and their supporters. The aim is to enhance the educational environment and relationships, bridging the gap between adults and youth. Through various initiatives, practical methods and solutions are provided, enabling effective communication with the youth and assisting them in devising plans for a prosperous future.

Key Facts

Improvement plans must include improving culture & climate

Success is related to understanding the role of culture & climate

Students who feel safe and encouraged have high success rates

Changes in structures and processes is a formula for student success

Positive school climate = Positive youth development

Our Goals

Motivate staff to embrace change

Strengthen the connections between adults and students

Improve student and staff attendance, behavior and morale

Produce efficient learning environments

Increase awareness of the importance of school culture & climate

Meet Reginald Beaty

President and Co founder

Reggie was a “difficult to reach youth” growing up in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Beaty found out early on the critical role that mentors play in a youth’s life. He was expelled from school at 14, ran with gang-oriented crowds, carried weapons and was ultimately incarcerated. Beaty found a mentor in Bobby Garrett, director of West End Academy, a non-traditional school in the Communities In Schools of Georgia system.  As a result of Garrett’s intervention, Beaty graduated from West End Academy, earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Stillman College and a Master’s in Aerospace Education from Middle Tennessee State University. 

Next, Beaty built a stellar 20-year career in the United States Army, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Along the way, Beaty earned the Leo A. Codd national “Instructor of the Year” for all colleges and universities, presented by President George W Bush, and “Civic Man of the Year” for his work with youth in Oklahoma.  For 10 years Beaty served as Chief Operating Officer with Communities In Schools of Georgia, where he helped to build the non-traditional schools Performance Learning Centers and Georgia’s “Graduation Coaches” initiative.


B.S. from Stillman College
Master of Aerospace Education


7 Years of teaching experience

10 Years Chief Operating Officer Communities In Schools of Georgia

Employee Rating



Performance Learning Centers

Georgia’s “Graduation Coaches” initiative

Reginald Beaty



Meet Tony Owens

Director and Co founder

Tony has devoted over 21 years of his life to working with difficult-to-reach youth. He is a proven educator and administrator, having successfully directed alternative schools and social programs that address students in at-risk situations. Owens earned his Bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University. He is recognized for his development and implementation of programs for difficult-to-reach youth, which emphasize improving attitudes, self-esteem, setting goals, expanding comfort zones, and preparing for re-entry into mainstream settings. Owens spent a bulk of his career directing, coordinating, and overseeing schools/programs with Communities In Schools of Atlanta and the state of Georgia.


B.S. from Clark Atlanta University


21 Years working with difficult-to-reach youth

Speaker Rating



Directed, coordinated, and oversaw schools/programs with Communities In Schools of Atlanta and the state of Georgia.

Tony Owens


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FFES Through Time

Award for Outstanding Personal Development Services
The Year's Best Life Coaching Program
Innovator in Mindset Development and Training Behavioral Coaching

What are people Saying?

Thanks to the help of FFES, I am no longer the CEO of foolishness. In my experience as an administrator, I have always had the luxury of having assistants and coaches but not so in my current location.

School Principal

This process so far has engaged me in Team Building at new levels. This process produces an “All hands on deck” mentality which has allowed me to build capacity within my building using the available resources.

School Principal

I was both impressed with the information on actually teaching the establishment of routines and procedures. I have routines and procedures but I missed my mark by not teaching them and making assumptions that students should already know.”

Middle School Band Director