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Thug Life to Triumphant Life by Reginald Beaty
Read the story of FFES leader Reginald Beaty as he navigated a life of challenge and difficulty and ultimately encountering success on the other side.
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Role of My Parents

Learn about how aligning with your parents can help create success for you in education and life.
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Discover Your Why (Education)!

Faces of Change
Learn how to create an Asset Mindset and how to use education to your advantage while traversing life's unpredictable scenarios. Develop your road map to success and discover your personal answers to the 3 driving questions. Who am I? Where am I going? How will I get there?
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"When you can be sure of your path and know that throughout the journey it will happen, it becomes easier to set a routine."

Faces of Change

Dive into real-world scenarios, harness practical solutions, and strategically chart your path to success, all while fostering critical thinking to overcome life’s obstacles.

Thug Life to Triumphant Life

Reggie’s transformative journey from poverty and criminal engagements to a successful life, illustrating the pivotal role education and mentorship played in redirecting his path.

When I read Mr. Reggie's book it helped me understand what life really is. His story related with me well as we both came from low-income households.

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"The moment a child realizes that education can be their key to success, they witness something great."

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Embark on the journey of a lifetime

Foundation For Educational Success started just for you. To help the youth in our world tackle life by using education as a key to success.


Frequently Ask Questions

FFES offers various programs like "Faces of Change" to help students develop critical thinking skills and achieve personal and academic goals.

By engaging in FFES programs, you can enhance your communication skills, overcome challenges, and prepare for a successful future.

FFES works to improve school culture and climate, making it conducive for positive interactions and effective learning.

FFES uniquely integrates practical real-world solutions with educational programs, providing a holistic approach to student development.

Absolutely! You can participate in various FFES programs, attend workshops, and actively engage in initiatives aimed at enhancing your educational experience.

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