Parent Engagement Tool

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Parents are the First Educators in a Child’s Life!
A guide for parents to help get youth ready for life and learning.  Guide is designed to help parents clearly see their role in being the primary and most important educator in their child’s life.  Use of the Parent Tool will help parents learn how to actively participate in the education process.  We believe in the effectiveness of parental involvement as it relates to the academic success of children and have identified research that supports this idea.  Based on this research, The Foundation For Educational Success has created a tool for parents to help evaluate key factors at home that impact student academic achievement. 
The intent of this tool is to give parents a template to design an organized and constructive home learning environment.  Furthermore, Parent Tool allows the parent the opportunity to grade themselves on their role in educating their child.
Parent Tool offers practical ways to help parents support the learning that occurs at school. The Foundation for Educational Success believes that it is critical for parents to provide opportunities for children to implement what is learned at school in order to prepare for college, careers and life.
Traditionally, teachers and students are held accountable for student achievement.  Both teachers and students are graded and evaluated on their performance.  Parent Tool now provides parents the opportunity to grade themselves on their performance as it relates to their role in the academic success of their child. 
Non-cognitive variables are attributes that speak to the adjustments, motivations, and perceptions of individuals.  Most non-cognitive skills begin and are established at home. Parent Tool gives parents a way to ensure that their child obtains non-cognitive skills.  
Parent Tool includes helpful, applicable practices and tips to assist parents with creating a home learning environment that produce successful students.  These practices can lead to better grades, higher test scores, and ultimately better schools.  Parents who receive good grades on their report card through The Parent Tool are more likely to see the same results from their children.


Know Student Progress

Engage in Education Conversation 

Prepare in Advance 

Create a Home Culture of Learning 

Provide Unwavering Academic Support

Designate a Learning Lounge

Academic Enrichment Opportunities 

Celebrate Academic Success

Support Your School

Organize a Schedule

Provide Intellectual Equity