Practices & Action Plan


Take a critical look at how your efforts at home contribute to your child’s academic performance. 

Give parents the opportunity to assess themselves on their role in their child’s academic performance.

Show parents how their habits and practices impact their child’s academic performance.

Provide suggestions to assist parents in creating a home environment that is conducive to learning.

Provide practical ways to help parents support what is being taught at school to help prepare students for life, college, and careers.

Give helpful hints to support learning that occurs at school which ultimately leads to better grades, higher test scores, and better schools.

When adopting best practices isn't your best practice

Using The Parent Tool you will be able to:  Assess – Create – Implement

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11 Parent Practices 

Organize a Schedule

Provide Intellectual Equity

Celebrate Academic Success

Identify Academic Enrichment Opportunities

Designate a Learning Lounge

Support Your School

Engage in Education Conversations

Prepare in Advance

Create A Home Culture of Learning

Provide Unwavering Academic Support

Know Student Progress

“It is not the plan that fails it is the failure to plan!”

Dr. Benjamin E. Mays