Effectiveness – the degree to which SOP is successful in producing desired result; success
Fidelity – the degree of exactness with which SOP is copied or reproduced
Purpose – the reason for which SOP is done or created or for which SOP exists
Consistency – conformity in the application of SOP, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic
Accountability – the fact or condition of being accountable

Not a problem

  • Prune & Weed often to monitor and maintain existing SOPs
  • Re-examine leadership impact (Delegate – Check – Supervise)

Could be a problem

  • Prune & Weed existing SOPs
  • Revisit each Look For in this area
  • Decide whether to repair or start all over with a new SOP
  • Examine leadership impact (Delegate – Check – Supervise)

Needs to be addressed

  • Complete Training on Creating a High Performing Culture & Climate
  • Write new SOP
  • Full dress rehearsal of SOP
  • Implement all plans with fidelity
  • Monitor and maintain fidelity of SOPs implementation
  • Determine leader impact (Delegate – Check – Supervise)


  • Corrective actions to address behaviors that impact arrival/breakfast (adult and/or students).
  • Shared techniques, best practices, and commonly used FFES concepts to address arrival/breakfast.
  • Methods to celebrate successes within the activity.