Create – Culture & Climate

Is Culture & Climate as important as Curriculum & Instruction?

We incorporate a deliberate and intentional approach to Creating a High Performing Culture and Climate. This approach integrates six High Performing Culture & Climate components to help schools address the root causes of school disruption so teaching and learning can occur. Schools that create a safe and healthy learning environment, increase the quality of school life for all stakeholders (students, staff, teachers, and parents) and meet learning goals essential  and accelerate efforts for school success.

The concept of culture and climate is particularly important when establishing a school improvement plan.  Despite best-laid academic planning, only changing structures and processes without establishing a functional culture and climate is a formula for student failure.  Usually, this failure can be credited in large part to lack of understanding about the strong role of culture and climate and the impact it makes on students success.

Creating a positive CULTURE and CLIMATE in our schools will encourage students to improve attendance and achievement and garner the support of parents and community members.  Schools with students who feel safe and encouraged will have a higher success rate than those who do not.

On-site and virtual:

Professional Development
Leadership Development